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High uptime reduces your cost per ton. Maximize the uptime and lifespan of your Tigercat logging equipment, mulchers and other off road industrial machines with proper care and maintenance. Learn about the importance of proper filtration and lubrication, correct service intervals and other tips to get the most from your machines.

It's a tough world out there protect your investment with Tigercat grease.

Parts & Service

Download the Tigercat app on your smartphone by going to the apple store or play store and access different kinds of information about your Tigercat machine, such as machine specs and engine codes!

Parts & Service

Parts & Service

Benefits of the Tigercat fluid analysis program:

  • Detect problems before they become catastrophic failures.

  • Increase ability to schedule downtime and forecast cost of repairs.

  • Monitor maintenance schedules, practices and confirm that the required maintenance is being done on time.

  • Increase used equipment value by providing proof of proper maintenance.

  • Test the quality and cleanliness of your diesel fuel.

Don’t get caught replacing an axle or engine due to dirty oil! Service your machine at your local Forest Pro!

Tigercat offers an awesome tip list on their website Service Tips | Tigercat, you can also check out walk arounds of machines straight off the line at Tigercat by clicking the link Tigercat TV | Tigercat

Fire prevention keys to know before getting to comfortable with that smoking tailpipe Tigercat fire safety | Tigercat

Although batteries today do not require the same maintenance that they did in the past, there are a few things that will make life easier for you and your battery.

The surface of a battery should always be clean and dry.

Various types of debris that may be collecting on the top surface of your battery can be conductive. This may create a path that can allow current flow. This can cause the battery to discharge. Moisture, often due to condensation, will amplify this problem.

Battery terminals must be kept clean and tight.

Dirty or loose connections do not conduct electricity and may lead to difficult starting of the engine and batteries not being fully charged. Corrosion on battery terminals is often a sign of electrolyte loss through excessive venting, very likely the result of overcharging.

Replacing your batteries.

Tigercat machines that run on 24 volts use two batteries connected in series. When replacing these batteries, always replace them both at the same time. They should be fully charged and need to be virtually equal in voltage, with no more than 0.3 volts difference between them. This will ensure the best life of the batteries